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Who’s Buying Coffee

Titre 1


Titre 1

Flip coins into a cup successfully

-Liste d'équipement:

¢ A spoon, a cup, and lots of coins per player (start with the same number)

-Mise en place:


¢ Place a penny on a coffee spoon.

¢ Place hand on table (or other flat surface).

¢ Balance the spoon over one of your fingers.

¢ Place a coffee cup approximately 20-30cms from the spoon.


¢ Bang the handle of the spoon with your other hand and flip the penny into the cup.

¢ If you miss the penny goes into the cup.

¢ If you hit your penny into the cup you keep all the pennies.

-Questions et notes:

¢ What ways seem to work best?

¢ How does it feel when it works? Does not work?

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