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Titre 1


Titre 1

Attempt to score the most points (touchdowns, converts, and field goals).

-Liste d'équipement:

¢ One coin per game.

-Mise en place:


¢ Two players sit on opposite sides of a table with theri coins starting on the edge of the table.


¢ You get to get to hit it three times (four if you are using US rules), in an effort to get the coins to hang over the edge of the table--if you succeed you score six points for a touchdown.

¢ Your partner then places their fingers in a goal post position near their edge of the table.  You place your coins on your edge, and you hit it between the uprights for one point (a two-point conversion is taken from centre and the coin must be shoved to hang over the edge on one try).

¢ If after your second down you don’t think you can make a touchdown try a field-goal by spinning the coins at the place it ended after the second down, then putting your hands in a praying position catch the coins between your two thumbs, and flip it between the uprights for three points.

¢ After your score the other team takes over at their edge of the table.

¢ If you fail to score after your third down (didn’t get close enough to hand the coins over the edge or hit the coins too hard that it went off the edge of the table), your opponent takes over where your coins ended up or on the edge of the table if you over-shot the edge.

-Questions et notes:

¢ What ways seem to work best?

¢ How does it feel when it works? Does not work?

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