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Professional Bump

Titre 1


Titre 1

To advance to as many baskets as possible by “bumping” up from other players.

-Aptitudes motrices fondamentales:


-Liste d'équipement:

  • Two basketballs per basket

  • Multiple baskets


-Lien d'équipement:

-Mise en place:

  • Place 2 basketballs at each basket and have all the players stand in a line behind each other with the first player standing at the free-throw line at one of the baskets (If you have a lot of players divide the players into every other basket or every basket if necessary). The first two players hold a basketball.


  • The first player takes a foul shot.

  • If the shooter succeeds they retrieve the ball, pass the ball to the next player in line, and go to the back of the line. If the shooter misses she retrieves the ball and takes another shot and another until the ball goes in.

  • If the player next in line scores a basket before the player in front of him then he moves to the next basket.

  • Play for 5 minutes and see how many players moved up 10 baskets, 9 baskets, 8 baskets....

-Questions et notes:

  • Safety considerations:

    • Be careful when retrieving balls not to crash into the other shooter.

  • Instructional tips:

    • Although the shooter needs to shoot quickly, the shooter benefits from taking focussed shots rather than wild throws.

  • Variation:

    • Elimination Bump: This game is played in the same way as Professional Bump except that when a player bumps someone the player who did not score a basket before the player behind him did, is eliminated from the game.

  • As a cool-down: Works well as a cool-down. If Elimination Bump is played, those eliminated often linger and walk around to see who will win before leaving the gym.

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