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Team Pin Knock Down

Titre 1


Titre 1

Three players attempt to knock a pin down that is guarded by three other players.

-Aptitudes motrices fondamentales:

  • Manipulative Send

  • Throw

-Liste d'équipement:

  • Per group of three players, markers to define a crease, one pin, one hoop, and one ball


-Lien d'équipement:

-Mise en place:

  • Define a crease and place a target in the middle of the crease in the middle of a hoop.

  • Three players stand inside the crease protecting the pin.

  • Three players stand outside the crease and one player holds a ball.


  • On the signal to begin, the players with the ball pass the ball to each other and attempt to hit the pin.

  • When a shot is attempted switch and inside and outside player.

-Questions et notes:

  • What helps the offensive team to succeed?

  • What helps the defensive team to succeed?

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