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Tosses Through Rolling Hoop

Titre 1


Titre 1

For two players to toss and catch a ball through a rolling hoop as many times as possible.

-Aptitudes motrices fondamentales:

  • Manipulative Send

  • Throw

  • Manipulative Receive

  • Catch

-Liste d'équipement:

  • One hula hoop and one ball per three players.


-Lien d'équipement:

-Mise en place:

  • One player holds a hula hoop.

  • Two other playes stand a few steps away and one of those players holds a ball.


  • When the three players are ready, the player with the hoop rolls the ball down the court/field.

  • The other two players attempt to toss and catch the ball through the rolling hoop as many times as possible.

-Questions et notes:

Safety: Make sure players do not run into other players or objects as they will be focused on the tossing/catching task.

  • What tactics increases success in this challenge?

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