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Star Race

Titre 1


Titre 1

Be the quickest player to run around the star, leap frog over your team, and grab the bean bag in the middle.

-Aptitudes motrices fondamentales:

  • Locomotor

  • Run

-Liste d'équipement:

  • One bean bag per game.


-Lien d'équipement:

-Mise en place:

  • Teams of three-to-four players  squat one behind the other in a line. All teams make the shape of a star.

  • Place a beanbag in the middle of the star.

  • Number the players 1, 2, 3... from the centre out.


  • Instruct players that when they run they all run the same direction (clockwise, or anticlockwise).

  • The leader calls out a number. All players with that number run in the same direction around the star.

  • When players return to their team, they hop-scotch over the other players, and attempt to be the first player to grab the beanbag and score a point for their team.

  • Immediately call out another number...

-Questions et notes:

  • Variations:

  • Players run around dribbling a ball.

  • Assign different locomotor types (gallop, skip, hop...)

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