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Bubblegum Bulldog Omnikin

Titre 1


Titre 1

For runners not to get hit by a kinball.

-Aptitudes motrices fondamentales:

  • Locomotor

  • Dodge

  • Run

  • Manipulative Send

  • Throw

-Liste d'équipement:

  • Various sized Omnikin balls


-Lien d'équipement:

-Mise en place:

  • Three players stand in the middle with an omnikin ball.

  • A few additional omnikin balls are scattered in the playing area.

  • Establish a start line and a finish line--for safety keep this line away from walls.\

  • All other players stand behind the start line.


  • At the centre players' call of Bulldog, players leave the start line and try to cross the end line on the other side of the playing area without getting hit by a ball.

  • When players are hit they must stand with their feet bubble gummed (stuck) to the floor. From this position they can tag other players in subsequent rounds, or hit an Omnikin ball against runners.

  • Continue to play till only one or no players are left.

  • Go again.

-Questions et notes:

  • Questions for understanding:

    • For players in the middle what are some of the best strategies to hit people with the ball?​

    • For runners, what are some of the best strategies to avoid getting hit by a ball?

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